Tableau Viz

Last weekend, I was invited for a special data meetup hosted by Udacity. The panel was headed by some of the most influential data scientists in the Bay Area. I had the pleasure of being a part of the alumni success story for my effort to complete the “Data Analyst Nanodegree” program. The event was … More Tableau Viz

Spam filter – Using NLP

Click here for the Ipython notebook import pandas In [10]: messages = pandas.read_csv(‘smsspamcollection/SMSSpamCollection’, sep=’\t’, names = [‘labels’,’message’]) In [11]: messages.head() Out[11]: labels message 0 ham Go until jurong point, crazy.. Available only … 1 ham Ok lar… Joking wif u oni… 2 spam Free entry in 2 a wkly comp to win FA Cup fina… 3 ham … More Spam filter – Using NLP