My story…..

My interest in the field of data analytics led me to give up being a System Engineer back in India and pursue my Master’s Degree in Information Systems and work in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Analysis. I believe that my passion for data, strong work ethic developed through my consulting experience, and creative nature make me an ideal candidate.

I define myself by the below characters:

Effective dashboarding skills: In my previous company, I was responsible for creating BI reports using visualizing libraries like D3, JavaScript,, third-party APIs and writing SQL queries on our BI platform which enabled clients to track their purchasing and valuation accounting. I was also able to showcase my creative dashboarding skills by making several internal dashboards in Tableau to track project management metrics to improve resource utilization.

Team player: Apart from my technical skills, my consulting background has ingrained me with tremendous communication and leadership skills. I am exposed to working with a lot of diverse clients and projects all over the US which helped me mature and be an effective team player. In my previous team, I took lead to developing best practices for the QA of our reports. I communicated the findings and presented demos of our tools to our clients.

Quick learner: I strongly believe in the saying “The minute you stop learning, you stop growing”. I have always cherished taking up and overcoming new challenges. Be it learning a new programming language or technology, I have always picked it up quickly because of my love for learning. I have completed various industry level certifications.

Apart from work, I love to travel. I have been to countries in Asia, North America, South America and Europe. I also love to cook and explore different cuisines and cultures. Lastly, I am a hardcore animal lover and a recent proud Corgi dad.